Posted by: Chris | 11/04/2011

SoCal Vacation Pt. 1

Just got back from another vacation to Southern California not only did we find a surprise down there, but we had also planned on hitting up a spot we had heard about previously as well as hitting up a local favorite.  We also had the pleasure of manning the grill at the family BBQ!  This trip was filled with great food!

First we’ll start with the local favorite that has quickly become a personal favorite of mines.  Unfortunately I neglected to take any pictures of the food there but let me tell you, it is a great place.  It is family owned restaurant with a homey feeling that is always filled with locals.  The food flavorful and the portions are large but the prices are very reasonable!

I made the mistake of adding the biscuits and gravy to my omelet plate and was stunned at how large the biscuits and gravy alone was!  For an added $0.85 I was greeted with 3 large biscuits and a large bowl of cream gravy that alone was enough to fill my belly!  But I had it as an added side to “The Scrambler” which is three eggs scrambled with bacon, sausage, bell pepper, onion, red skin potatoes and topped with cheese.  Needless to say, even this eater with a large appetite went away full!  Next trip I will for sure have to remember I take pictures!

They have multiple locations but we always go to the one in Fullerton since it is closest to where we stay.  Just visit their website to check them out!

Fullerton Location
1605 W. Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833

Next up is a place we found while walking the sands of Huntington Beach that is open for lunch and dinner and turned out to be a nice surprise:  Sandy’s Beach Grill.  After doing some sight seeing we developed a rather healthy appetite and found this place nestled underneath another restaurant that was closed at the time.

It is a very relaxed and welcoming place with large open views of the beach outside including a large outdoor seating area.  The menu has quite a few different choices and everyone is bound to find something they will like!

We started off with the sweet potato fries which are lightly seasoned and delicious by themselves, but come with a terrific garlic aioli!  We polished those off quickly.  They had just the right texture to them with a nice crunchy exterior but a nice soft interior.  The garlic aioli was the perfect compliment and wasn’t too strong.  It had just enough bite to stand up the fries without overpowering them.

Next up was the lobster tacos that both my wife and I decided to try.  Large chunks of lobster that were in a light beer batter and then deep fried that are served on flour tortillas with cabbage, a Baja taco sauce and a roasted corn salsa.  There was so much lobster that I almost had to just dig in with a fork!  The lobster was perfectly cooked and all the flavors complimented each other well.  Had we stopped there I would have been fine as I was everyone at the table was full.  But then the waiter had to mention a dessert that just intrigued us!

It was an interesting take on a classic dessert.  The classic S’more.  The waiter described it having a graham cracker base with a scoop of chocolate ice cream that was topped with a marshmallow spread.  What arrived was something that looked absolutely delicious!  The marshmallow spread was torched to give it that burnt taste that everyone remembers from a camp fire S’more.  It was a rich and decedent dessert with a great mix of flavors!  Thankfully we shared it as it would have been too much for any one person!

Check out Sandy’s Beach Grill!

Sandy’s Beach Grill
315 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA 92648-5161
(714) 374-7273

Look for part 2 that features our trip to Slater’s 50/50 as well as a snapshot of the family BBQ coming soon!


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