Posted by: Chris | 25/11/2010


This year, my wife wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving with just myself and our two cats.  Therefore a large meal was not on the menu this time however she still wanted her turkey and ham.  So we went shopping and instead of buying a large turkey, we bought a package of turkey tenderloins which ended up being just enough for the both of us.  Also purchased was a small honey baked ham portion as well as the other traditional fixings such as stuffing, green beans, peas and carrots and mashed potatoes.

Everything was prepared the usual way with the exception of the turkey.  The turkey was seasoned and fried, keeping the cover on the pan so that the juices would help steam the meat to ensure that it was fully cooked, as well as keep it tender and juicy.  The drippings were then used to help create a nice dark gravy that had plenty of flavor.

So from my wife and myself, we hope you all have had a wonderful holiday with your family.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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