Posted by: Chris | 10/11/2010

Open Faced Omelette

So a few nights ago after having friends over, we ended up with a few extra sausages from that dinner.  Not wanting to have the same old dinner, I had to think on the fly and create something that myself and my wife would enjoy.  Slicing the sausages into thin pieces and frying them first, then covering them in whisked eggs to create an omelette.

Frying the sausage slices created a nice textural difference as well as bringing out the flavored fats which would help keep the egg from sticking to the pan.  Eggs were whisked together with ground pepper, chives, and a little bit of Tobasco sauce to add a little heat which compliments the Polish sausages.

After serving them on a plate, shredded cheese was sprinkled over the top.  This dish was very good and turned out better than I had expected, especially considering it was created in a moments notice.


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