Posted by: Chris | 05/11/2010


So recently my wife and I went down to Southern California to visit her family, something we do often.  Normally our first stop there is In ‘N’ Out as it is a tradition for us, however this trip, her father offered something a bit different from the fast food burger joint.  A stop at Tony Roma’s.  With my wife and I’s penchant for ribs, we had no trouble going there first!  I won’t say that they make the best ribs ever, but they are always very good!

For more information about Tony Roma’s, please visit their website!

During our stay it started to turn cold and actually rained quite a bit so we decided we wanted something comforting that would keep us warm.  Her mother answered with Albondigas soup.  A nice hearty soup that is filled with potatoes, carrots, zucchini, cabbage and meatballs as well as various spices.  After three bowls of it, I was nice and warm and had a very content stomach!

When the weather turned nicer we had chicken taco’s.  Home fried hard taco shells were filled with spiced seasoned shredded chicken and a bevy of toppings.  Lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese as well as refried beans were available to compliment the chicken.  I got stuffed after eating six of these large taco’s!

One of our days there we found ourselves at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.  If you ever get a chance, go there!  Very interesting exhibits with lots of hands on tanks.  My wife and her mother loved watching the Sea Otters play and even I found myself enchanted with their playfulness.  Naturally during the course we found ourselves getting hungry and checked out their cafe.  The food here was actually quite good and very high in quality, preparing it right in front of you!  Ironically I had the fish taco’s.  Rarely do you order from a picture and receive a plate of food that actually puts the picture to shame, but that is what I received.

For more information about the Aquarium of the Pacific, please visit their website!

We had a great time in SoCal and we did eventually get our In ‘N’ Out burgers, but we also enjoyed a lot of other foods as well!  We also heard a rumor of a restaurant that serves all sorts of alternative meats such as alligator, buffalo, ostrich and others.  Next time we go back south, we are going to hunt for that place!


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