Posted by: Chris | 27/10/2010

Deep Fried Pickles

A dear friend of mines who runs her own blog told me she was going to the Mid-State Fair and that she was going to check out some of the food there.  Needless to say, I had have to check it out for me, and if she found anything interesting, to please write a guest post.  Well she didn’t disappoint!

California Mid-State Fair: Fried Pickles

When Chris asked me to write a “guest blog” for his food site, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. He and I both share a love for the “Food Paradise” specials that the Travel Channel runs on a regular basis. Each time we watch them, we always find ourselves mentally planning our when-we-win-the-lottery roadtrip to experience these paradises ourselves. My personal favorite (much to the chagrin of my cholesterol level) is “Deep Fried Paradise”, featuring the most unique and mouth-watering display of fried foods in the United States.

In July our friend Aminta and I traveled to Paso Robles, CA for the California Mid-State Fair to see Keith Urban and Kris Allen perform. We made sure to get there early so we could experience all of the amazing things that a fair has to offer: the carnival rides, the animals, the vendors, and of course, the food. And during our wandering about I stumbled upon one of Chris and my most talked about items from “Deep Fried Paradise”, Fried Pickles. Needless to say, I immediately texted him about it because I knew I had to try it.

Instead of the pickle chips you can get at places like Hooters, these were made with full pickle spears and you got six with your order. Pretty thoroughly breaded and deep fried, and served with a side of ranch dressing, I could feel the Southern blood in my veins bubble with excitement. The first bite was all sorts of confusing, as so many different textures and tastes blended together in my mouth. Despite being fried the pickle spears still had some snap, yet also had the crispy feeling of normal fried foods. The pickles also retained their sour bite, and the combination of dill, batter, breading, and the ranch dip was a little overwhelming at first.

However, once I got past that first bite and took my second, I realized that along with being overwhelming, it was also amazing. Definitely one of the most flavorful and intense foods I’ve ever tried because there was so much going on. I enjoyed my first spear to the fullest. I enjoyed most of my second one, but that was also when I started to see what the one drawback to this food is. Like most Southern cooking, the fried pickles were extremely rich and a little heavy since my body isn’t used to it. More so than I had been expecting, and by the third spear it was one of those “I can feel my arteries clogging” moments. Thankfully I didn’t have eat all six of them myself, as I think I would have had a heart attack before even getting to the show I had driven down there for!

Final verdict, Fried Pickles are definitely a winner. Not a food I would recommend for eating solo, but as an appetizer when out with friends, I don’t think you could do any better.


Special thanks to Shannon for writing this entry!  Be sure to check out her music blog “Make A Sound“!  Tell her I sent ya!


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