Posted by: Chris | 13/06/2010

Fair Food!

Well it’s that time of year again and that means, hot weather, and county fairs.  County fairs mean fair food!  Usually the San Mateo County Fair has rather boring choices when it comes to food including: corn dogs, hamburgers, steak sandwiches and french fries.  This year however was different.  Mexican, Thai, Greek and delicious deep fried foods!  Had I had a bigger budget I would have sampled some more finds, but I spent some money on other items.

First up was this rather tasty shrimp tostada.  It was a little heavy on the cucumber but overall was quite good.  Well cooked shrimp, lots of avocado, mild salsa and cabbage rounded out a nice and filling dish.  A few wedges of lime offered some nice citrus zest to the mix.

Shrimp Tostada

After walking around the fairgrounds to work off our lunch, my wife and I were in the mood for something sweet.  She opted to get the fair favorite: the funnel cake.  While in line she pointed out a small sign that read, “Deep fried twinkies and oreos!”  Well that settled that!  With a big grin on my face I ordered that and promptly watched as they made it.  What greeted me was a warm, sweet and very rich dessert.  The light drizzle of chocolate syrup really rounded out the dish and I have to say, I could easily go for another one!

Deep Fried Twinkie


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