Posted by: Chris | 03/05/2010

Las Cazuelas Taqueria

Tacos.  What does that word bring to mind?  Crunchy tortilla’s filled with ground beef, lettuce, tomato’s and cheese?  Taco Bell?  Perhaps a so called “Authentic Taqueria.” says the definition is this:



Mexican Cookery. an often crisply fried tortilla folded over and filled, as with seasoned chopped meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

Yea right.  So why is it that whenever a friend of mines who is from Mexico brings tacos from home, they always have small soft tortilla’s that have barely 3 ingredients and taste amazing but bear no resemblance to the dictionary definition?!  Well I was on a hunt for some authentic Mexican taco’s for lunch one day and a friend of mines suggested I go to a place known as “Las Cazuelas” not far from where I work.

My first thoughts upon entering were that this was not a place you go to for the ambiance.  But hey, those places are usually too expensive anyways.  I was hungry and the menu that was above the cashier promised that it would fill my appetite and for not much buck.  Another thing that struck as interesting and promised authentic food was the fact that cabeza (cow’s head) and tripe were on the menu.  Two items you will NOT find on just about any of the other places I have been to despite their claims to be authentic.

Being my first time there, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the tacos were only $1.25 each so taking my friends suggestion, I ordered six since our appetites are about the same.  I got the standard carne asada and they came topped with the house salsa, onions and cilantro.  After taking my first bite I was thinking six was not going to be enough as they were delicious.  I squeezed some lime onto the tacos and immediately chowed down.  They were absolutely delicious and actually quickly filled me.

I will definitely be back to this place in the near future and I will surely bring my fellow foodie friend there.

Las Cazuelas
517 E 4th Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 685-2602


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